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A New Look at the Epicor ERP Reveals a Truly Capable Option

The right enterprise resource planning system, or ERP, can help make any modern organization more efficient and competitive. Encompassing a wide range of important activities and requirements, an ERP that matches up well with a business’s needs can deliver fruitful new levels of power and control.

A recent look at how the Epicor ERP compares with other favorites in the industry could therefore be of real interest to many. As the report makes clear, there are some excellent reasons to consider this contender.

A Full Range of ERP Functions That All Contribute to Success

As with other major ERP platforms, Epicor strives to integrate many different business functions into a single, cohesive structure. That includes providing support for:

  • Financial recording and reporting: From ground-level sales figures to the bird’s eye overviews that follow from many different factors, Epicor does a fine job of making all finance related functions easy to see through and manage. That alone can help a business get a leg up on competitors, particularly when they are still stuck with less capable systems.
  • Human resources: No modern business can hope to succeed without the right mix of talent, and Epicor also excels in this sphere. By making hiring, promotion, and similar decisions far easier, it ensures that workers end up where they can contribute the most.
  • Production and inventory management: For companies in the business of producing or selling physical goods, keeping a close eye on production and stock levels at all times is a must. With sophisticated reporting and forecasting facilities that make it much simpler to always remain on target, this ERP system is one that definitely stands out in this area.
  • Purchasing: Costs can easily spiral out of control even in organizations where some fairly well considered safeguards are in place. Epicor makes it easy to see just where money is being spent and to find effective ways of keeping costs down.

A Wide Range of Ways to Improve, All Provided by a Single System

Even if there are other systems that can compete in certain respects, Epicor remains a particularly well rounded choice for many businesses. Finding an ERP like this that can make an especially good fit can easily be a first important step toward a higher level of achievement.

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